The 5 best places to shop for souvenirs in Munich

1) Biervana

Most visitors associate beer with Munich. So if you’re interested in bringing home a hoppy treat, then visit the craft beer centre. The explosion in the craft beer market, including in Bavaria, is like a breath of fresh air in the world of beer.

Biervana shop

Hohenzollernstrasse 61

+49 (0)89 200 777 64

2) Die Bonbon Manufaktur München

Munich’s first modern candy manufactory produces traditional handmade sweets while you look on. On any given Saturday, there may be as many as 30 people outside the shop. They use antique, traditional moulds. As these are no longer produced, the owner was really happy to get hold of some.

bonbon manufaktur shop

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3) Kräuterparadies Lindig

This shop has been selling herbs and natural remedies for over 130 years, with more than 500 different herbs and spices contained in the large wooden drums. All the items have been tested for harmful substances. They also have a good selection of natural oils and a tea for when you are suffering from a head cold.

Kräuterparadies Lindig

4) Brauseschwein

A very special children’s store selling all kinds of nostalgic toys, such as wooden toys, dolls and many other fun and exciting gifts for children. They also have a nice selection of special sweets and joke and tricks that will immediately transport you back to childhood. So yes, this is the place to go, if you want to make your child – and yourself – happy.

Brauseschwein gift shop

5) Servus.Heimat

This shop sells a nice selection of lovingly-selected souvenirs. Everything is somehow linked to the alpine and Southern German region with useful little items and funny gifts such as ‘weather houses’ or whacky cuckoo clocks. An anti-souvenir shop, really, where locals also like to shop.

gift shop Servus.Heimat

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