5 fancy fashion shops for women in Munich

1) Alpenraum

A shop with a great concept. Stop at the stylish coffee bar near the entrance for an espresso after which you can browse their collections of Italian, French and Scandinavian fashion. They also sell basics, as well as special accessories.

Alpenraum shop

2) Bean Store

This place endeavours to sell everything you need to express yourself and to make shopping an adventure. Be inspired by their employees and the special range of brands. A place for beautiful fashion and cool women.

Bean store

3) Wild Munich

Trendy looks, top designers and brands. Clothes for all walks of life, from casual and understated to opulent, but never mainstream. They also sell shoes, bags, scarves and home fragrances. A hotspot for fashionistas, trendsetters and especially for women, who like their fashion to reflect their personality.

Wild Munich fashion store

4) Liebschaften

A store with a tasteful selection of clothes. Theirs is a feminine and elegant style, although they also sell more casual and sporty fashions. Here, you’ll find a wide range of new trends for everyday situations, with an emphasis on sustainable and fair production.

interior Liebschaften store

5) Nia. Prêt-à-porter

A wide selection of trendy Scandinavian and French brands. The style is feminine with playful skirts, pretty dresses, accessories and much more, for fun looks for every season.

Nia. Prêt-à-porter shop

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