5 charming traditional coffee houses in Munich

1) Café Kreutzkamm

A cafe with a dignified atmosphere and a long-standing tradition. Be sure to try the Baumkuchen, you’ll rarely find them anywhere else. Or the so-called men’s cake which has many fans of all ages. There are even online discussions about how best to crack the chocolate coating.

cakes kreutzkamm

2) Marais

An old clothing store that has been transformed into something very special. The Marais is not just a cafe, but also a shop that sells furniture, jewellery, scarves, hats and organic cosmetics. Some of the tables are in the former shop windows. A rather unusual start to your day in Munich.

interior cafe Marais

3) Bar Centrale

Fans of Italy get their money's worth here. You can sit in the back room, but the front area resembles a bar in an Italian square in every possible sense. Friendly staff, good cappuccino – what more could you ask for?

interior Bar Centrale

4) Cafe Frischhut

Different types of delicious Bavarian fried pastries, which are freshly prepared in front of you. The cafe has stayed true to itself and is distinctly unimpressed by the chichi places around it. You'll soon realise that many guests have been coming here for several decades for the good quality.

outside cafe frischhut

Prälat-Zistl-Strasse 8

+49 (0)89 260 231 56

5) Cafe Jasmin

The old Cafe Jasmin with its upholstered furniture and fifties flair has been taken over by a youngish crew, which runs it now. It looks like your grandma's home, but the audience is younger and the food is more contemporary. Open until 1 am, so you can move smoothly from cakes to cocktails, if you find it difficult to leave.

interior Cafe Jasmin

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