The 5 best places to find street art in Munich

1) Candidplatz

Candidplatz is a bit of an urban mess. It is surrounded by intersections and has a massive concrete flyover. A group of locals arranged to have the columns painted by international street artists, with the support of the city council.

street art Candidplatz


2) Muca

Germany’s first urban, street and contemporary art museum. This recent art form is invited to engage in a dialogue with other contemporary arts. MUCA hosts temporary exhibitions as well as several events and has a chic restaurant.

street art Muca

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3) Donnersbergerbrücke

One of Munich’s largest concrete structures is this eight-lane bridge, also one of the busiest roads in Europe. Its many concrete pillars are a perfect canvas for street artists. To date, sixty artists were invited to create works in this huge open-air art gallery, which doubles as a car park.

graffiti art at Donnersbergerbrücke


4) Viehhof

The only (!) place in Munich, where street art is legal. Works of art often only remain in place for a few hours, before being covered by another one. The site is managed by Bahnwärter Thiel, a cultural centre. In the long term the graffiti will disappear however, because the city wants to redevelop the site.

street art Viehhof

Tumblingerstrasse 29

5) Isar bridges

Local and international street artists have left their mark on this pedestrian underpass (on the east side of the river). A truly beautiful location because of the light and a nice place for a stroll along the Isar. If you walk south from here, you’ll end up at Ludwigsbrücke, which also features some good street art.

street art Isar Bridges

Underneath Friedensdenkmal

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