The 5 best museums for children in Munich

1) Paläontologisches Museum

This is a palaeontological museum, and an academic institution, which is why they are only open Monday to Friday. Admission is free. Come and see the skeletons of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. The museum is also open on the first Sunday of the month, offering guided tours and a children’s quiz.

skeleton of a mammoth at the Paläontologisches Museum

Richard-Wagner-Strasse 10

+49 (0)89 218 066 30

2) Kindermuseum

The children’s museum hosts changing exhibitions on a specific theme. Children can join in, play along, try out things and conduct experiments. The idea is to find fun answers to complicated questions in a playful way. Not a large museum, so a great option if you are strapped for time.

Das Kindermuseum

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3) Münchner Stadtmuseum – Soundlab

The city museum hosts many different exhibitions, some of which are quite suitable for children. Check out its Soundlab.1. The interactive exhibits encourage visitors to experiment with sound and acoustics. Go ahead, touch the objects and make some noise.

exterior of Münchner Stadtmuseum

4) Verkehrszentrum

This branch of the Deutsche Museum teaches you all about city traffic, travel, mobility and technology, past and present. In other words, you can see lots of cars, trucks and trains here, and you can even explore some of them on the inside. Don’t miss the demo model railway and the steam locomotive demos!

Das Verkehrszentrum

5) Deutsches Jagd-und Fischereimuseum

Children love this museum, because there are so many stuffed animals to see and you may even touch some of them. The museum teaches visitors more about hunting and fishing with hunting rifles and fishing rods on display. Parts of the exhibition have recently been modernised. The building is equally impressive as it used to be a church.

Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum

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