5 magical cemeteries in Munich

1) Alter Nordfriedhof

No one has been buried in this cemetery since 1944. As a result, it has become a mix of a cemetery and a park, with a special atmosphere. The tombs are still there, but people come here for picnics or to go jogging. There is a beautiful and very popular playground nearby.

 Alter Nordfriedhof

Arcisstrasse 45

2) Alter Südfriedhof

Many famous Munich personalities are buried in the South Cemetery, which was originally designed as a plague cemetery. There has not been a funeral here for over 70 years however. Nowadays it’s listed as an art and cultural-historical monument and has become a little haven of peace and quiet in the city centre.

graves at the Alter Südfriedhof in Munich

Thalkirchner Strasse 17

3) Neuer Israelitischer Friedhof

Several cemeteries in Munich were designed as forest cemeteries, including the New Israelite Cemetery. Jews consider cemeteries as a symbol of the transience of all being, which is why the tombstones are always maintained. A memorial commemorates the victims of persecution under the National Socialist dictatorship from 1933 to 1945. No visits are possible on Saturdays and on Jewish holidays. You need to cover your head.

Neuer Israelitischer Friedhof snow

Garchinger Strasse 37

4) Friedhof am Perlacher Forst

This cemetery, which is located right next to Stadelheim prison, is where some of the numerous victims of National Socialism that were killed in the prison were hastily buried. There are several monuments and honorary shrines in the cemetery today for victims of the Nazi Regime and World War II.

two graves of a couple at Friedhof am Perlacher Forst in Munich

Stadelheimer Strasse 24

5) Friedhof Bogenhausen

This little graveyard looks like that of a small village. There are just 208 tombstones here. Only people who lived nearby – or were prominent – are allowed to be buried here. Actors, writers, entrepreneurs and many other prominent figures of contemporary history have found their final resting place here.

Friedhof Bogenhausen

Bogenhauser Kirchplatz

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