5 fascinating architectural treks in Munich

1) Gebäude 0505

Building number 0505 of the Technische Universität was built in 1963 by Franz Hart, who designed several major buildings in the city. Over the years, it became rather rundown. The architects Hild and K developed a concept that rendered the structure of the building – reinforced concrete – visible. They dismantled panels and other interior finishes where possible. Then, they built a new building envelope from the outside. Walk around the building and sneak onto the adjoining campus.

exterior Gebäude 0505

Luisenstrasse 55

2) Werksviertel Mitte

They used to produce potato dumplings here. Then it became a popular nightlife spot. Now they are developing a whole new city district here, which will also include some art and cultural spots. The charm of the existing industrial architecture contrasts nicely with the contemporary new buildings.

 Werksviertel Mitte building

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3) Tram 23

Tram number 23 has become the perfect way to explore several urban development projects. The route runs through four new neighbourhoods, that were built or changed dramatically in recent years. The ride takes just nine minutes from Münchner Freiheit. It includes the skyscrapers at ‘Münchner Tor’ and alternative building projects at Domagkpark.

Tram 23

Münchner Freiheit

4) Pasinger Villenkolonien

Munich’s development has often been influenced by investors, who planned entire neighbourhoods in one go. More than 100 years ago, the villa colony of Pasing was created, which is now listed in its entirety as a historic monument. The district has many different architectural styles and lots of trees. A good starting point is August-Exter-Strasse.

August Exter Strasse number 19


5) Architektouren

A unique opportunity for anyone interested in architecture. Visit newly finished projects in architecture, landscapes, interior design and urban planning in Munich and Bavaria in June. Architects and their clients provide information about their projects on-site and inform interested visitors.

Tall tower in Munich by Architektour

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