5 sharp tattoo studios in Hamburg


Pineapple, palm, elephant or jackknife – line- and dotwork from Vaders.Dye has long been admired beyond Hamburg’s boundaries. You have to book months in advance for an appointment with one of the ten artists at the studio in the Colonnaden.

tattoo studio of Vaders Dye Hamburg

2) Immer und Ewig Tattooing

The five artists’ styles and illustrations may be a joy forever. Jules Wenzel works for the collective, but her main job is as an illustrator. She puts her lovingly detailed figures on paper or under the skin or sewing machine with a unique stroke.

interior of Immer und Ewig tattoo studio

Kleiner Schäferkamp 31


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3) The Black Hole Tattoo

The works of Hamburg tattooist Christian Warlig (1891-1964) are an inspiration to many artists today. That definitely applies to the productions of Yobbo and Chriss Dettmer. At their studio, they concentrate on traditionals with official contours and glowing colours. Recurring themes are snakes, roses, swallows and death’s heads.

tattoo examples and decoration at The Black Hole Tattoo

Alsenplatz 1

+49 (0)40 5069 5247

4) Die Älteste Tätowierstube in Deutschland

The ‘Stube’ has been in St. Pauli since 1946 – and yes, there’s probably a hut in Samoa where tattooing has been going on for much longer. All the same, Hamburger Berg No. 8 is an attraction. Founder Paul Holzhaus and his successor Herbert Hoffmann are seen as style icons and were leaders in seaman’s motifs, as the ‘Old School’ of the north.

interior of Die Älteste Tätowierstube in Deutschland

5) The Black Mess

The TBM Studio Hamburg lies deep in the heart of Ottensen and mainly wields its needles under the skins of locals and far-travelling fans for old-school and neo-traditional tattoos. Lene, Jan, Stefan, Ole and Micha regularly offer walk-in days. All you have to do then is point to your anchor or knot, and the needle starts humming.

people designing tattoos at the Black Mess tattoo studio

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