The 5 most original flea markets in Hamburg

1) Flohschanze

Looking for a kidney-shaped table? Or a beer-bike that you can leave in front of a pub occasionally in summer? Many Hamburg people wouldn’t feel their Saturday morning was complete without a stroll around the Flohschanze. Real treasure-hunters arrive at the Lattenplatz with their insulated mugs by 8 to splash the cash.

people roaming around the Flohschanze fleamarket in Hamburg

Neuer Kamp 30

2) Flohmarkt Else-Rauch-Platz

A rare but exciting sighting. Hip Eimsbüttel residents show off treasures from their attics and basements on the last Saturday of every month from February to October outside the Lutterothstrasse U-Bahn station. The crammed pasting tables are most desirable in the spring months, when people are mucking out.

people and stand at the Flohmarkt Else-Rauch-Platz


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3) Vintage Market Kampnagel

Just after and before the cold season (in April and November), the Kampnagel theatre plays host to choice vintage furniture, fresh designer pieces and a wealth of home crafts. Many items are reminiscent of the 50s and 70s or are genuinely from that era.

a woman looking through stuff at the Vintage Market Kampnagel

Jarrestrasse 20

4) Fundbureau Nachtflohmarkt

Bargains are struck for cool things in the clubs and bars around the constantly threatened Sternbrücke. The evening Nachtflohmarkt is proclaimed by Fundbureau, Astra Stube, Bewegungsbar Wasserschaden and the MXB-Bar at irregular intervals (dates:

a stand with clothes at the Fundbureau Nachtflohmarkt

Stresemannstrasse 114

5) Flohzinn

First Sunday in the month: teeth brushed, hair combed, helmet on! Then off on your bike to the old Elbtunnel, enjoying the flow of air and the romance of the dockside – till the Zinnwerke rears up on the horizon. FlohZinn is the platform for this district’s initiatives. Browsing and shopping are made perfect by live music and international cuisine.

Flohzinn flea market in Hamburg

Am Veringhof 7

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