5 fantastic farmer's markets in Hamburg

1) Isemarkt

The farmer’s market below U-Bahn Line 3 between the Hoheluft and Eppendorfer Baum stations is thought to be one of the biggest open-air farmer’s markets in Europe. Eppendorf neighbours, students and tourists foregather here on Tuesdays and Fridays. The Isemarkt offers everything you need to keep you going: sharp knives, fresh fruit and the latest gossip.

a shelf full of red and orange coloured bags with spices

Isestrasse 1-73


2) Bio-Wochenmarkt Ottensen

On Tuesdays and Fridays, Hamburg’s organic farmers trek to the Spritzenplatz in Ottensen to offer fresh wares from the Altes Land, their own meat and dairy produce. Not far from Altona railway station and the shopping areas of the popular city district, the hustle and bustle here reminds you of far-off days. Today, buying regional food with no packaging is making a comeback in Ottensen.

close-up of rhubarb and other vegetables

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3) Wochenmarkt am Grossneumarkt

The Grossneumarkt in Neustadt morphs into a food court every Wednesday and Saturday. Lunchtime draws a stream of dapper people in pinstripes and agency people with moustaches and polished sneakers from the busy districts about to pick up their vegetarian pirogis, hearty soup, burgers or fries. With a quick call in at the magazine store, cobbler’s or gallery on the way back?

vegetables and fruits at a market


4) St. Pauli Night Market

Wednesday evening in Hamburg sees people slipping into their oilskins or turning up the collar of their fisherman’s jersey. It’s Bergfest day, celebrated in the heart of the Reeperbahn’s entertainment mile. Spielbudenplatz is transformed into a village square, beer tent tables and chairs are set up in the centre. Temporary street food stands and established organic places set out their mouth-watering goodies.

people eating at tables at the St. Pauli Night Market

Spielbudenplatz 21-22


5) Wochenmarkt Rothenburgsort

Rothenburgsort is touted as a hip city quarter of the future. Not far from the centre and close to the new builds of HafenCity and Hammerbrook, it’s thought that inner city life will still be affordable here for a while. The farmer’s market has perceptibly gained a new lease of life since the renovation in 2012. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the place gets together to exchange fresh fish, meat, cheese and veg.

red pepper, broccoli potatoes and more vegetables

Rothenburgsorter Marktplatz

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