5 places for the happiest puppies in Hamburg

1) Tierbar

When your four-legged friend leaps purposefully out of the boot at lightning speed, it’s arrived at Eppendorfer Weg 175. Its nose goes up into the wind, tail wags in staccato and claws dig into the asphalt. The Tierbar is the ultimate snack paradise for animals in Hoheluft. And of course at the end of the shopping trip you stretch a hand under the counter: fish treats!

jars stacked with dogs' snacks at Tierbar Hamburg

2) Wittenberger Ufer

Cast off and full steam ahead! Apart from a few hyperactive beach runners, this is the almost exclusive preserve of dog owners and their pets in the early morning. They can let themselves go in Elbe, forest, heath and marsh without a care in the world. Only the remains of last night’s barbecue occasionally lead to rivalry, fights and worried dog parents. This exercise area is Hamburg’s premier address for water rats.

Wittenberger Ufer

Wittenbergener Weg


3) Fünfhausener Hauptdeich

The Fünfhausener Hauptdeich extends along the southern bank of the Southern Elbe. Woodland and marshland are more or less under water here, depending on the tides – but in some spots, clearings and little beaches give access to a leap into the cool river water. Don’t forget your picnic blanket and towels, but watch out: the Elbe can run really fast here.

Fünfhausener Hauptdeich nearby Hamburg city


4) Hundeladen

The only time when dogs drag their owners backwards rather than forwards in St. Pauli is when their master or mistress tries to pass the Hundeladen without a stop. Both residents and incomers buy fresh wet food and offal from the Hundeladen. The fame of its value for money has spread far and wide.

a dog sitting in front of the meat counter at Hundeladen Hamburg

Hein-Hoyer-Strasse 12

+49 (0)40 3162 66

5) Heimfelder Holz-Meyers Park

Of course every natural space has to be entered with respect and restraint. Particularly in springtime, there’s a lot going on in the ten-hectare-plus woodland for dogs on Heimfelder Strasse, and dogs should always be on the leash. Nevertheless, obedient pets can get enormous fun out of playing cops and robbers here.

a brown labrador playing with a ball in the park

Heimfelder Strasse


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