5 unusual sights to look out for Dublin

Father Pat Noise plaque

O'Connell Bridge

He sounds like a character from Father Ted ... or is this plaque dedicated to a real priest? It’s neither. Father Pat Noise is a completely fictitious character and this is a hoax plaque installed by two mischievous brothers. So much effort. It was actually removed by the city council, but then reinstalled.

Dodder Rhino

Near the Dropping Well bar in Milltown

Not a real rhino but a life size bronze statue of one, in the river Dodder just below Classon’s Bridge behind the Dropping Well bar. Apparently it appeared overnight in 2002 and no one is willing to take responsibility for it. It does make for a nice photo for those lucky enough to stumble across it.

Letterbox Dublin confessions

Dame Street

In 2008 artist Sarah Bracken fashioned this handmade letterbox to a wall on Dame Street as a form of interactive street art. And it worked. People started dropping notes into it, sharing all their deepest darkest secrets with the world, anonymously.

Gulliver's Travels frames

58 Golden Lane

Another huge claim to fame for Dublin: Jonathan Swift is ours, and so is Gulliver’s Travels. This most famous of stories is immortalised in the city with a series of pictorial frames. There are eight in total, individually set in a circular frame of brown terracotta brick with each depicting a scene from part 1 of the book.

Rory Gallagher's guitar

Rory Gallagher Corner
Meeting House Square

Even Jimi Hendrix was in awe of blues musician Rory Gallagher. He gave everything he had when playing, so much so that rumour has it he actually sweated off the paint job on one of his first guitars. This commemorative Fender is in pretty good nick though. If you don’t know his stuff, check out the songs Crest of a Wave and A Million Miles Away. Stunning.

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