4 peaceful places to relax in Dublin

1) Rose Garden

The rose garden might be small but it’s beautifully kept. There is a meditative quality to the simplicity of rough wooden benches, each etched with a dedication to someone, shrouded by fragile plants and creeping greenery and dotted rose bushes.

pink roses

Trinity College

2) Hodges Figgis

Owned by Waterstones, Hodges Figgis is a titan when it comes to bookshops. There are a lot of floors here with a lot to choose from. The comfy armchairs on the second floor in the history and ancient classics section are an added bonus for anyone who wants to relax and pick over a few selections, dream a little about where to go to next or maybe just get out of the rain.

window Hodges Figgis

3) St Kevins Park

The 13th-century St Kevins Park is located off Wexford Street, bordered by high walls and accessible through a small gate. It’s the perfect place for a quiet sit down amidst the abundance of greenery, or for a leisurely walk in and around the historical church and graveyard.

St Kevins Park entrance

8 Camden Row

4) The Clockwork Door

A home away from home, The Clockwork Door has only existed for a few months but it’s quite an incredible project. Also known as Dublin’s first ‘Time House’, it is a multi-room venue where you can pay to enjoy the space and Wi-Fi with unlimited tea, coffee and biscuits, meet people, hang out and play games or use the study room. Keep an eye out for regular events.

The Clockwork Door

51 Wellington Quay (first floor)

+353 (0)1 538 0998


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