5 x Ashlyn Sailsbury's must-eat treats in Copenhagen

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Ashlyn Sailsbury

Ashlyn is an American who has been living and working in Copenhagen with her family for the past 7 years. She loves the simple pleasures in life: fires in the fireplace, riding her bike, laughing with her kids, reading a good book, and indulging in a pastry. She and her husband, Austin, have spent a large part of their relationship traveling around Europe together, trying new foods and swimming in beautiful places. But, time and time again, they realize that their favorite city to explore is their own adopted city of Copenhagen. Perhaps it is the colorful old buildings, maybe it is the charming waterways and cobblestone streets, but most likely it’s all of the delicious treats. You can follow Ashlyn on Instagram at @ashlynsailsbury, and her husband @austinsailsbury (not coincidentally the author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen!), as they continue to explore, discover, and eat their way through Copenhagen.

With bakeries, cafes, and restaurants on every corner in Copenhagen, it can be hard to know where to begin your search for tasty and Instagrammable treats. I am here to help! If you’re at all like me, you want to taste the BEST local treats a city has to offer. Is it silly to plan a whole morning or afternoon around finding and eating a local delicacy? No, it is not silly. It is worthwhile, memorable, cozy, and important. Lay your search anxieties to rest, because I am here to share with you the five best treats in Copenhagen. 

1) Juno The Bakery’s Cardamom Snurre

Juno The Bakery was founded in 2017 by a former Noma chef, and the pastries that leave the kitchen are made with only the highest-quality, organic ingredients. Juno has rightly become a well-known and treasured hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. The fan favorite from the bakery is the cardamom snurre - a traditional, black cardamom-flecked pastry baked fresh all day long. You will never understand the hype around this product until you try one for yourself, and if you’re especially lucky, you’ll get to try one hot out of the oven. If for whatever reason you are short on time during your trip to Copenhagen, make a visit to this spot your top priority. Be prepared to stand in line. Honorable mentions that are also fantastic: almond croissant, gifflar (cinnamon pastry), and roasted sesame sourdough bread.

Copenhagen - Juno bakery Cardamom snurre

Århusgade 48

2) Nicecream’s Vegan Ice Cream

There are an abundance of quality ice-cream and gelato shops around Copenhagen, and Nicecream boldly entered the city’s ice-cream scene in 2015. The shop boasts delicious and creative treats that are 100% vegan and made with organic, fair trade ingredients. And above all else? This place serves up incredible ice cream. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors, but ask for a free taste of any scoop before finalizing your order. Bounty Hunter (coconut), Sneaky Bizz (peanut butter and chocolate) and Coffee are always great choices.

Copenhagen - Nicecream ice-cream sandwich

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3) Sankt Peders Bageri’s Cinnamon Roll

Danes are typically happy to enjoy a pastry any day of the week, but did you know that Wednesdays are set aside to enjoy cinnamon rolls? Sankt Peders Bageri, founded in 1652, is both the oldest and most well-loved bakery in Copenhagen. This small, humble spot rests in the center of the city, and on Wednesdays, churns out around 4000 huge cinnamon rolls at the cheap price of 15dkk (about 2€). You can choose to have your pastry topped with only a sprinkling of crunchy sugar, or with a sugar glaze. It is worth getting both.

Copenhagen - Sankt Peders Bageri

Sankt Peders Stræde 29

+45 33 11 11 29

4) Democratic Coffee’s Almond Croissant

You will find this small and well-lit coffee bar nestled right up next to Copenhagen’s Main Library. While it looks unassuming on the outside, this modern spot serves some of the best coffee and pastries in Copenhagen. Order a cortado and the almond croissant, and sit by the window to people-watch for maximum cafe enjoyment. The almond croissant, made fresh twice daily, is everything a pastry should be - flaky, buttery, fluffy, crispy and moist. It is sweet, but not so sweet that you can’t finish one on your own.  No one would judge you if you ordered two.

Copenhagen - Democratic coffee almond croissant

Krystalgade 15

+45 40 19 62 37

5) Any Pastry from The Corner at 108

The Corner is perfectly positioned on the outskirts of iconic Nyhavn, just across the rainbow bridge. Co-owned by Noma's René Redzepi, the shop serves up coffee, pastries and breads all day long. The pastries are all made with the same buttery and perfectly laminated dough, but the fillings change depending what is in season (or what the pastry chef was inspired by that day). These pastries are a feat to make, created by expert pastry chefs who use only the finest ingredients and techniques. While the price point is a bit higher than other local spots, it is worth splurging to try two or three of these unique and unexpected treats. The coffee kombucha, cinnamon, and black currant flavors are always winners. 

Copenhagen - pastry from The Corner at 108

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