The 5 most interesting places for vintage shopping in Prague

1) Boho

Like a true Bohemian couple Patrik and Patricia met in London. Back in Prague they set up this multifunctional space as their second home, selling an eclectic mix of vintage and retro fashion. Admire Patricia’s DIY creations ranging from jewellery to candles and furniture. Then visit Patrik’s Boho Café in Ondříčkova 8.

second hand clothes at Boho Vintage

Francouzská 76, Vršovice

+420 733 206 929

2) Botas 66

The outcome of a student art project based on the iconic Botas Classic model. It was launched in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and led to the inclusion of the word botasky in Czech vocabulary to refer to any sport shoe. Funky colours and the shape of running shoes combine to make super special one of a kind sneakers.

sneakers from Botas 66

Křížkovského 18, Žižkov

+420 223 012 991

3) Galerie 22

An exhibition space that also sells unique pieces of Bauhaus, Art Deco and Functionalist furniture, sourced from France and the Czech Republic. Each piece is carefully restored in their specialised atelier on the first floor of the same building.

vintage furniture at Galerie 22

Husitská 22, Žižkov

+420 222 717 633

4) Pátý Element

A secondhand shop selling various theatre and folk costumes, an ideal place for bold and eccentric fashionistas. For some reason, they also have an extensive collection of male and female Tyrolian shirts, which may inspire a new trend in the years to come.

Veverkova 28, Holešovice

5) Antique Ahasver

Entering this store is like climbing into your grandmother’s closet. They sell every imaginable object from folk costumes, accessories and wedding dresses to bed linens, tea sets and Christmas decorations. Regardless of whether you are looking for something fancy or a collector’s item, this is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of yesteryear.

vintage perfume bottles at Antique Ahasver

Prokopská 3, Lesser Town

+420 257 531 404


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