The 5 best butcher shops in Prague

1) Presto Meat Market

An increasingly popular concept consisting of a butcher’s shop next to a gourmet bistro. Here they sell aged beef, lamb and quality chicken from Czech farms. If you are unsure how to properly prepare your lovely meat, then join one of their cooking/barbecue lessons.

a piece of raw meat

2) Pražské řeznictví

A butcher who is also a champion of traditional Czech cooking. They sell a selection of high-quality products, and also recommend grandma’s best recipes. You can find rabbit, cockerel, chicken livers or beef for your steak tartare here, as well as sausages and cheese. The bistro corner serves tasty fast food.

Food display at butcher store Pražské řeznictví

Vinohradská 108, Vinohrady

+420 725 157 980

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3) U Dolejších

If you do not mind travelling out of town for top class meat, then head to Davle. Since 1901, the Dolejších butcher family have been running a reputable company known for its quality and openness to customers. Their hams and sausages are simply divine.

Na náměstí 97, Davle

+420 257 770 039

4) The Real Meat Society

‘From nose to tail’ is the rule here, meaning that no part of an animal should be wasted. The organic butcher’s shop of Michaela and Paul Day only works with small farms whose animals live outside and walk from their field to the slaughterhouse, without having to undergo the stress of travel.

meat in the counter at Real Meat Society

Náplavní 5, New Town

+420 739 022 597

5) Naše maso

The top class meat used in the Ambiente restaurant group is sold here as well as the aged beef of Czech spotted cattle, the juicy pork of Přestice pigs and homemade sausages. For takeaway meat purchases enter the passage and find the store on the left. The long queue out front is for the bistro, whose delicious food you can smell out in the street.

people ordering food at Nase Maso

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