5 places to have great coffee in Prague

1) Káva

Tucked away in a small street behind a church, this tiny place has just one and a half table inside, so locals get their favourite drug to go. You know the coffee will be good as soon as you inhale the aroma inside. Their káva roasted in one of Prague’s suburbs is more than satisfying.

a cup of coffee on a wooden table

2) Bistro Proti Proudu

‘In coffee we trust’ is the motto of this bistro, which serves breakfast all day. Designed as a tribute to František Křižík (the Czech Edison), who connected Karlín to Libeň with a tram line. The minimalistic clean lines of the interior contrast with the full-bodied coffees prepared by their barista.

Bistro Proti Proudu

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3) Místo

Dejvice needed a place like this, serving all-day breakfast on the weekend, as well as delicious cakes and coffee from an espressionistic coffee machine by Kees van der Western. A place to while away the day and totally worth the short wait that can occur in peak times.

interior of Coffee bar Misto

Bubenečská 12, Dejvice

+420 727 914 535


4) Kofárna

The smell of freshly roasted coffee greets you in the street. In the front, there is a small co-working space, at the back you can sit down in two bright rooms with some inspiring books. The staff take coffee very seriously, and the occasional wait is definitely worth it.

counter and food display at Kofárna café

Zborovská 60, Smíchov

+420 737 454 962


5) Mama Coffee

Everything started with a trip to South Ethiopia in 2007. Upon their return Marta and Daniel Kolský decided to launch their own coffee roasting company, making Mamma Coffee the oldest fair trade roastery in Central Europe. They now have seven cafes all over Prague, but this one, with its tiny front garden, was the very first one.

interior of coffee bar Mama Coffee

Londýnská 49, Vinohrady

+420 773 263 333


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