The 5 loveliest public gardens in Prague

1) Franciscan Garden

Five centuries ago, Franciscan monks started growing herbs and vegetables here. Nowadays this garden is occupied by white-collar workers having lunch, bird-feeding pensioners and courting young couples. Grab a soft serve ice cream in nearby Světozor passage and enjoy the peace under the rose-laden arches.

people at the Franciscan Garden in Prague

Jungmannovo náměstí 18, New Town

2) Albertov Botanic Garden

The outdoor collection of this garden, which belongs to the Charles University, is free. Come here for a picnic, to read a book or stroll among the rockeries and flowerbeds. A 150-year-old ginkgo biloba grows near the greenhouse, which is home to their (sub)tropical collection.

a bus of pink flowers

Na Slupi 16, New Town

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3) Vrtba Garden

An inconspicuous little gate guards the entrance to this UNESCO listed Baroque terrace garden. A 3-euro entrance fee buys you access to a world where Matthias Braun’s statues come to life among hedge recesses and colourful floral ornaments. Climb all the stairs to enjoy a breathtaking view. Open from April till October.

trimmed hedges at the Vrtba Garden

Karmelitská 25, Lesser Town

4) Vojan Gardens

Just a stone’s throw from the busy Charles Bridge you will find this peaceful sanctuary, which is considered the oldest partially preserved garden in Prague. Especially charming in the spring when all the fruit trees are blooming. Discover the peacock population at the back of the garden and the rose pergolas.

benches and trees at Vojan Gardens

U Lužického semináře 17, Lesser Town

5) Sacré Coeur

Need a quick escape from the maddening crowds in the New Smíchov shopping mall? Find the secret bridge on the first floor (near the toilets) which has a peaceful green oasis on the other side. It has several benches with a nice city view, an outdoor gym and a playground.

Sacré Coeur park in Prague

to be reached from the shopping mall or from Kartouzská Street, Smíchov

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