5 famous movie locations in Prague

1) Saint Giles Church

From Amadeus, 1984 - The Oscar-winning American filmmaker of Czech origin, Miloš Forman, chose to film Mozart’s wedding in this Baroque church. The backdrop of the splendid gilded altar certainly looked amazing in this biopic film about the musical genius who was portrayed as ‘an unprincipled spoilt conceited brat’.

Husova 8

2) Chotkova-Badeniho Junction

From Anthropoid, 2016 - Inspired by a true story of a WWII resistance operation to assassinate one of the main architects of the Holocaust and the acting Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. Not the original location of the 27 May 1942 event, but more suited as a movie set thanks to the well-preserved surroundings.

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3) Danube House

From Casino Royale, 2006 - The black-and-white opening scene was filmed in this high-rise building. Bond breaks into Dryden’s office to find out that the second killing is ‘considerably’ easier. An action that earns him a license to kill and his status as an 00 agent.

Rohanské nábřeží 2

4) The Prague Zoo

From The Zookeeper's Wife, 2017 - Allegedly set in Poland, this true story was almost entirely shot in and around Prague’s ZOO and exhibition grounds. The stars of the movie were Jessica Chastain and Tamara and Janita, two Sri Lankan female elephants. It tells the tale of the zookeeper’s wife’s courage as she hid Jewish fugitives during WWII.

U Trojského zámku 3

5) Vinohrady Theatre

From The Illusionist, 2006 - The neo-Renaissance façade of Vinohrady's Náměstí míru was where Edward Norton as Eisenheim staged a magic show involving necromancy. Did his performance really unlock mysteries and bend nature’s laws, or was it merely an illusion?

Náměstí Míru 7

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