5 significant places for Franz Kafka in Prague

1) Franz Kafka's Birth House

A bronze bust reminds passers-by that Franz Kafka was born here on 3 July 1883 as the first child of his parents. The Kafkas moved quite often, but always within the confines of the Old Town Jewish ghetto and within walking distance to the Synagogue. Only the Baroque gate survived after the slums of Josefov were cleared.

Franz Kafka's Birth house

Náměstí Franze Kafky, Old Town

2) Workers' Accident Insurance Institute

Kafka worked in this building (now a hotel) as a clerk for 14 years until his retirement in 1922. He found his daily duties rather tedious, he often came to work extremely tired after spending the whole night writing.

Na Poříčí 7, New Town

3) Museum

This captivating museum contains a linear journey through Kafka’s life, which is documented with photographs, letters, diaries, manuscripts and first editions of his works. Intriguing 3D installations and audiovisual pieces also shed light on his inspiration, deepest fears and wildest thoughts.

exhibition at Kafka Museum

Cihelná 2, Lesser Town

+420 257 535 507


4) Metalmorphosis

A moveable stainless steel statue in the form of Kafka’s head. This 39-ton giant is the work of David Černý, a controversial local artist who is infamous for his statue guerilla. Forty-two layers are programmed to perform a 40-minute-long choreography and attract the attention of passers-by.

statue Metalmorphosis

Spálená 22, New Town

5) New Jewish Cemetery

After a long struggle, Kafka finally succumbed to tuberculosis one month before his 41st birthday. He was buried in a family grave under a Cubist tombstone about 200 metres from the entrance. A plaque opposite commemorates Max Brod, Kafka’s dear friend who refused to burn all his manuscripts after his death as instructed.

Franz Kafka's grave at New Jewish Cemetery

Izrealská 1, Žižkov

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