The 5 most delicious Cuban fruits in Havana

1) Guayaba

Guava is a tropical fruit cultivated and enjoyed in many tropical and subtropical regions. It is not only consumed as fruit but also used a lot for juices and desserts such as casquitos de guayaba, marmalade and pasta. Rich in vitamin C and A.

Guayaba fruit

2) Guanábana

Guanábana or soursop is another tropical fruit containing lots of vitamin C, B1 and B2. In Cuba they use it a lot to make juices or smoothies. It’s a common fruit drink, you should definitely try it.

Guanábana fruit in a tree

3) Frutabomba

Frutabomba is the word used in Havana to designate a papaya. You will never hear the word papaya in Cuba’s capital, because it also refers to the vagina in Cuban slang. In other cities and regions in Cuba, meanwhile, the word is used for the fruit. If you decide to stay in a casa particular, you will definitely find a large portion of frutabomba on your breakfast table, along with some pineapple and a small banana.

Papaya or Frutabomba

4) Mamey

Whether Cubans refer to fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, they will always make a point of saying how lindo (pretty) the food is. I can only agree when they are referring to the mamey, a large, brown, hard fruit, which has beautiful bright orange flesh and a shiny, oblong pit. The mamey is lovely to look at but it is also very tasty, especially in batido.

Mamey fruits at a market

5) Mango de Bizcochuelo

Most people will already have tasted mangos but there is something to be said for the excellent flavor of Cuban mangos. They come in different colors, sizes and weights, but the sweet mangos de bizcochuelo by far are the tastiest ones.

Mangos de Bizcochuelo on a blue wall

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