The 5 best types of transport to use in Havana

1) Almendrón or Maquina

El almendrón or maquina refers to the cars of the fifties and sixties used as public transport. Usually you pay 10 Pesos moneda nacional, depending on the distance. Ford, Chevrolet, Buick or Cadillac. Some are in better shape than others. You always share a taxi, the taxi does not leave if it is not full. If you want to experience how Habaneros get from one point to another, take the almendrón for a day.

El almendrón cuban style car

2) Coco Taxi

Car rickshaw with seats for two passengers, in an egg/coconut form. The color of the Coco Taxi for tourists is always yellow. Cubans take the black one. Pay with CUC. Cheaper than a taxi, interesting for short distances.

Coco taxi in Havana

3) Bicitaxi

The bicitaxi is a popular form of transport used by the locals with two seats for passengers. They all have sound systems. The bicitaxi dates from the special period. Pedal power was a resourceful response to the lack of fuel.

Bicitaxi in Havana

4) Lada

Is cheaper than the yellow taxi. You will pay 5 or 6 CUC for the journey from Habana Vieja to Vedado. “No tire las puertas” is what the driver will tell you. Don’t slam the door. Close them softly instead.

taxi in havana

5) Guagua

La guagua means bus. The buses are always too full because of the lack of public transport. People wait in line to get on the bus. Ask who’s last when you join the queue: “Quien es el ultimo?”.

Guagua in Havana

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