The 5 best cinemas in Havana

1) Cine Chaplin

This is the Cinemateca of Havana. An art house cinema that screens Cuban and international movies. The venue has 1200 seats and the lobby features a poster gallery of great Cuban classic films. In 2015, this was one of the first cinemas in Cuba to be fitted with digital projection facilities.

people queueing at Cine Chaplin in Havana

Calle 23 no 1157, entre 10 y 12, Vedado

+53 7831 1101

2) La Rampa

La Rampa was initially a bowling alley but now it is used as a cinema. They also have a film archive. This cinema screens films throughout the day. Various festivals are organized at La Rampa, including the European film festival.

street art at La Rampa or Calle 23

Calle 23 no 111, entre O y P, Vedado

+53 7878 6146

3) Cine Riviera

In the evening, the white letters on top of this blue cinema turn a bright blue. It screens a wide range of films, including action movies from North America, the UK and Cuba. Also lots of Spanish-language movies from Latin America. And it hosts good live concerts of pop, rock and rap groups.

Blue building of Cinema Riviera

Calle 23 no 507, entre G y H, Vedado

+53 7832 9564

4) Cine Acapulco

The Aacapulco was a luxury cinema that opened in 1958. It had a beautiful modern interior. Now a little run down, it still screens premieres of Cuban movies and a variety of other films.

people outside at Cine Acapulco

Avenida 26, entre 35 y 37, Nuevo Vedado

+53 7830 9564

5) Cine Infanta

This multiplex has four modern cinemas. An important venue during the international film festival in December. In Cuba going to the cinema is a real experience, because Cubans express their emotions during the film. They laugh, are frightened, tell the characters what they should do, reflect on what’s not done. In short, they comment on every bit of the film without being disruptive. It’s like interactive cinema, but more fun.

front side of Cine Infanta

Infanta, entre Neptuno y San Migue, Centro Habana

+53 7878 9323

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