The 5 most stunning art deco buildings in Havana

1) Edifico Bacardi

This skyscraper, which was built in 1930 by Esteban Rodriguez Castells, Rafael Fernandez Ruenes and José Menendez, is a stunning art deco landmark. Its façade is made of red granite and local limestone, with terracotta panels of naked nymphs by Maxfield Parrish, and is topped with the iconic bat motif. Head up to the top tower for a 360°-view. Head over to the terrace of Hotel Plaza, across the street, for a full view of the building.

art deco interior of Edificio Bacardi

Avenida Bélgica no 261 (Monserrate), Centro Habana

2) Edificio Lopez Serrano

Considered the first Cuban skyscraper. It featured layered fittings in order to let the air and light in. The façade’s linear and geometric lines are enhanced by the Moroccan red marble of the interior, the decorative large flowerpots, ceiling lamps and doors to lifts and apartments.

exterior of Edificio Lopez Serrano

Calle 13 no 108, esquina L, Vedado

3) Cine Astral

Cine Astral is only a few blocks from Cine Infanta. It was built in a streamlined late art deco style and opened in 1950 with a seating capacity of 2400.

pink art deco building of Cine Astral

Infanta no 501, esquina San Martin, Centro Habana

4) Cine-Teatro Sierra Maestra (former Teatro Lutgardita)

This theater opened in 1932 and has a modest art deco exterior. The interior combines Central American themes including pre-Columbian iconography and landscape murals featuring Mayan temples. Visit every Sunday for the Parranda Campesina (traditional music, dancing, storytelling and comedy).

exterior of Cine-Teatro Sierra Maestra

Calzada de Bejucal no 30901, Reparto Lutgardita - Rancho Boyeros

5) Edificio Solimar

A striking art deco building built by Manuel Copado in 1944. This huge apartment complex has curved balconies that wrap around the building, resembling the ocean’s waves. A good example of expressionist modern architecture.

exterior of Edificio Solimar

Soledad no 205, esquina San Lázaro, Centro Habana

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