The 5 best places to discover René Magritte Brussels


Rue de la Régence 3
Central Brussels
+32 (0)2 508 32 11

The Magritte Museum opened in 2009 in an impressive neoclassical building on Place Royale. Many of the paintings were bequeathed by Georgette Magritte when she died. So they are not the famous works that Magritte sold to collectors. But it’s still a fascinating collection that includes photographs, amateur film footage and surrealist ephemera.


Rue Esseghem 35
+32 (0)2 428 26 26

This is not the Magritte Museum. This is the house in Jette where René and Georgette lived from 1930 to 1957. The great Belgian surrealist created some of the most startling images in modern art in the kitchen of this modest home. It was bought by two art enthusiasts and restored to its original state.


Rue des Chartreux 7
Dansaert Quarter
+32 (0)2 540 88 78

Magritte liked this old creaky bar where local men gather to play chess. The café closed in 2011 to allow the architects Robbrecht & Daem to renovate the belle époque interior. Some say that its charm is lost.


Rue des Alexiens 55
Central Brussels
+32 (0)2 511 16 59
www.lafleurenpapierdore. be

Magritte is rumoured to have sold his first painting to one of the regulars in this ancient bohemian café. The three tiny rooms are filled with old furniture, murky paintings and cryptic writings. You won’t find anything by Magritte, but go through to the back room to admire the enlarged photograph showing Magritte along with other regulars
standing outside the café.


Avenue Jules Bordet

Magritte died in 1967 while living at the Rue des Mimosas in Schaerbeek. He was buried in Schaerbeek Cemetery under a plain stone slab, located in plot 16, row 2. His fans sometimes leave curious objects on the grave.

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