The 5 best small hotels in Brussels

1) Jardin Secret Hotel

Located in a narrow Ixelles street, this secret boutique hotel’s entrance is through a plant shop next to the Hôtel Berger. Your room, once you find it, is decorated in a cool, modern style, with indoor plants, ferns and cacti. It overlooks an urban garden, which adds to the romance. Some people may find the concept a bit too weird, but it is definitely original and not too expensive.

hotel room at Jardin Secret

2) Welcome

This small hotel occupies an old building overlooking the fish market. Each of the17 rooms is decorated in the style of an exotic destination. So you can stay in a room inspired by Morocco or ask for the dramatic red and black Tibet room.

the Congo room at Welcome

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3) Noga

Here is a friendly family-run hotel in a quiet street close to the Begijnhof church. The interior is crammed with odd antiques like in an old Belgian home, while the sitting room welcomes guests with a stack of board games.

Hotel room at Noga

4) Made in Louise

This family-run 18th-century townhouse hotel is located in a quiet back street near Avenue Louise. It has been one of our favourite addresses in Brussels for many years, but is now even more desirable following a major renovation in 2012. The bright white lobby, the stylish little bar and the billiard room add immensely to its appeal. Yet it remains a very friendly hotel.

hotel room at Made in Louise

5) 9Hotel Central

This is a cool hotel in a tall town house just beside Gare Centrale. Designed by the Barcelona architects Castel Veciana, it has a relaxed lounge with Nordic elements like wood stools and bare light bulbs and a quiet breakfast room with rows of tables that can be used for co-working or hosting a meeting. The bedrooms are furnished in loft style with bare brick walls and rugged wood desks. Some even have little balconies with interesting urban views.

hotel room at 9Hotel Central

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