The 5 best places for graphic art and paper in Brussels

1) Avec Plaizier

This little art shop has been publishing postcards, posters and calendars since 1977. The cards range from whimsical cartoons by Flemish illustrator Ever Meulen to photographs of modern Brussels buildings.

magazines at Avec Plaizier

2) Mofelito Paperito

This tiny shop sells rare luxury notebooks, writing equipment, city guides and maps. Owner Sofie Rombouts hunts out elusive brands, including cards by Hungarian illustrator Anna Kövecses and Herb Lester’s wonderful city maps.

exterior of Mofelito Paperito

3) Ticky Tacky (former Heyday)

Here is a fabulous little shop in the heart of the Marolles where you can find some really odd things. It’s run by a French woman, Pauline Rauzy, who posted a quirky video on Facebook charting her search for the perfect Brussels location. Having found the place of her dreams, she has turned it into a retro emporium filled with tin toy cars, art postcards and limited edition Japanese art books.

Ticky Tacky shop

4) Le Typographe

A traditional printing workshop close to Place du Châtelain where they will print your business cards or wedding invitations. The shop sells sublime notebooks and writing paper.

Le Typhographe paper shop

Rue Américaine 67, Ixelles

+32 (0)2 345 16 76

5) Ma maison de papier

Here is a vast storehouse of vintage posters on every imaginable theme. The owner, Marie-Laurence Bernard, is an expert on poster design, and pulls open drawers to reveal sublime mementoes, like an old tourist poster for Copenhagen that shows a policeman stopping the traffic to let some ducks cross the road. Prices can be surprisingly high.

poster from Ma Maison de Papier

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