The 5 best places to go on a Tintin tour in Brussels

1) Gare du Midi

Tintin hangs onto a steam train in a huge fresco in the Gare du Midi entrance hall. The image comes from Tintin in America, published in 1932.

art of Tintin at the Gare Du Midi in Brussels

2) Le Lombard

A huge revolving sign on the roof of an office building near Gare du Midi shows Tintin and his dog Snowy. The sign was put there by the Lombard publishing company, which publishes the Tintin books, when it moved here in 1958.

Tintin et Milou on top of Le Lombard

Place Bara

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3) Gare Du Luxembourg

A mural based on an early Hergé cartoon was unveiled in 2009 at the entrance to the Gare du Luxembourg, near the European Parliament. Originally advertising a department store, the drawing is crowded with characters from Hergé’s comics.

mural of Tintin at Garde du Luxembourg

Place du Luxembourg

4) Rue de l'Étuve

A comic book mural on a wall in the busy Rue de l’Étuve shows Tintin running down a fire escape pursued by Captain Haddock. The scene was taken from The Calculus Affair.

comic book mural of Tintin

Rue de l’Étuve 37

5) Stockel Metro Station

Blistering barnacles! You arrive at Stockel metro station to see Captain Haddock peering at you through the carriage window. What could be more unsettling? Hergé made the sketches for Stockel station just before his death in 1983. The murals incorporate 140 different characters taken from 22 Tintin comic albums.

Stockel Metro Station


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