The 5 best places to take small children in Brussels

1) Museum of Natural Science

Here is the perfect place to take kids on a rainy day. The main attraction is a spectacular gallery displaying more than 30 dinosaur skeletons found in a Belgian coal mine. Other sections cover the Polar regions and ecology.

model of a dinosaur at the Brussels museum of natural sciences

2) Le petit train à vapeur

Not many people know about the charming miniature railway that runs at weekends in a little park on the edge of the city. The steam trains carry small children and their parents in tiny waggons on a circuit through the park. The little station building contains a museum and a cafe.

Chaussée de Neerstalle 323, Forest

+32 (0)2 376 69 96

3) Parc Josaphat mini golf

The most beautiful mini golf course in Belgium is squeezed into a narrow strip of land next to Parc Josaphat. The course was designed by Belgian landscape architect René Péchère, who created a beautiful course next to a little cafe. Open Wednesdays and weekends.

Parc Josaphat Mini Golf

Avenue Ambassador Van Vollenhoven, Schaerbeek

4) C.Ramic Art Café

A friendly workshop filled with parents and noisy kids where everyone sits around big wooden benches decorating ceramic cups and bowls. Perfect for a birthday party or a rainy day.

various colours of paint at C.Ramic art café

Rue Lesbroussart 112, Ixelles

+32 (0)478 43 51 41

5) Musée du Jouet

This toy museum is located in a rambling Brussels town house. It is run by a man called André who cannot say no. People present him with old train sets, tin cars, sad dolls and hundreds of teddy bears. André does his best to sort it all out, but it’s an impossible task and boxes lie unopened by the door, while dolls lie on tables waiting to be repaired. It is utterly chaotic, yet strangely charming.

Toy museum

Rue de l’Association 24, Saint-Josse

+32 (0)2 219 61 68

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