5 charming secret gardens in Bruges

1) Groeningemuseum Garden

The Groeningemuseum garden is a strangely quiet spot in the heart of the old city. It stands on the site of a mediaeval abbey demolished in 1803, leaving just a gate on Eeckhoutstraat and a mysterious Gothic arch in the garden.

 Groeningemuseum Garden

2) Rode Nonnen Garden

No one knows about this garden. Renovated and opened to the public in 2018, it lies hidden behind a high brick wall. Once tended by sisters of the Holy Redeemer Convent (known locally as the Red Nuns), it has been turned into a small public park with old trees, a garden chapel and a ruined gazebo. Open from dawn to dusk.

Katelijnestraat 115

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3) Grauwwerkersstraat Gardens

Most private gardens in Bruges are hidden, but you can admire a row of ten waterside gardens along the Grauwwerkersstraat. They belong to houses on Pottenmakersstraat with back gardens that run down to the canal. The owners have planted their modest plots in different formal styles.

Grauwwerkersstraat Gardens

Grauwwerkersstraat 31

4) Hof De Jonghe

A narrow lane leads to a quiet, forgotten park called Hof de Jonghe. Planted with apple trees, it is home to three grazing sheep.

Langerei 75

5) The Ruined House

A ruined house in a quiet lane has been taken over by a local guerrilla gardener who lives a few doors away. It had been used as a place to dump rubbish until she turned it into a poetic spot with writing on the wall and a neat herb garden planted in the former front room.

house with a blue door and plants in the Pottenmakersstraat

Pottenmakersstraat 18

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