Irresistible artisan bakeries in Belgium for Foodies

1) Bakkerij Toon De Klerck

As the former pastry chef at Hof van Cleve★★★, Toon De Klerck crafts amazing butter croissants, brilliant chocolates, crispy pastries, and lemon tarts, to name just a few of his baked treats. His bakery serves breakfast until 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so luckily you don’t have to get up early to enjoy the full Toon De Klerck experience.

display at Bakkerij Toon De Klerck

Joyce Wong

Kattendijkdok-Westkaai 28, Antwerp

+32 (0)3 225 36 57

2) Yasushi Sasaki

One of the best-kept secrets in Brussels is the bread and the Japanese-inspired pastry of Yasushi Sasaki. He ended up in Woluwe as a maths student at the age of 19. A few decades later, he is best known for his feather-light patisserie that’s low in sugar. Be sure to order his crème brûlée with matcha tea or his dorayakis (Japanese pancakes filled with a sweet paste made from candied red beans) and be amazed.

display with cakes and pastries at Yasushi Sasaki

Lilieth Manjarres

Avenue des Franciscains 10, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

+32 (0)2 779 05 68

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3) Marijn Coertjens

His artistic chocolates have won pastry chef Marijn Coertjens, who trained in Japan, several highly acclaimed (inter)national awards. Hoping to catch a glimpse of the master himself ? You can see Marijn working on his pralines, bread and viennoiserie behind a glass wall while you wait to order. If you don’t pre-order your Sunday stash (make sure to include the bolus and the hazelnut croissant!), chances are that this bakery-slash-chocolate-atelier will have run out.

Marijn Coertjens holding a plate of croissants and pastries at his bakery

4) dePaifve

This artisanal bakery is widely renowned in Limburg, mainly for its speculaas, crunchy spiced biscuits that are slightly browned, which dePaifve offers in five different variations. The one with marzipan and chocolate is broadly accepted to be the most irresistible. Another local favourite among those with a sweet tooth is their Liègeois rice pudding cake, filled with homemade rice pudding.

window front of bakery dePaifve

Minderbroedersstraat 10, Hasselt

+32 (0)11 22 39 82

5) La Panetière

Who wouldn’t want to travel a few kilometres to find some good bread and decent pastry, all made according to old family recipes and artisanal traditions? La Panetière is a cosy place where the millstone-ground sourdough bread and the French baguette are bestsellers. Fans of this boulangerie also praise it for its carrés à la confiture (jam squares), a genuine treat for all ages.

store interior and bakery display at La Panetière

Rue du Grand Péril 87-D, Hennuyères

+32 (0)67 33 61 00

6) Charli Bakery

If you’re looking for a premium bakery in Brussels, Charli Bakery is here for you. Their bread, their desserts and all of their baked goods are excellent. We personally like to sit and sip coffee while enjoying the vibe of the place; watching all the people come and go is just fun to do. There is also a counter that allows you to peek into their kitchen, where the magic happens. Charli has two locations that are across the street from each other, one focussed on sweet baked goods, and the other on savoury stuff.

store front with graffiti of Charli Bakery in Brussels

Rue Sainte-Catherine 34, Brussels

+32 (0)2 513 63 32

7) Marie-Rose Bakery

Why go to a baker if you can pop into a bakery cafe? Ruben and Barbara, the owners of Marie-Rose Bakery, both lived abroad before returning to the Belgian seaside. Having been in charge of the patisserie for most of chef Sergio Herman’s restaurants, Ruben knows a thing or two about sweet sins. From breakfast till aperitivo time, you can pick up fresh baked goods, and grab a seat to tuck in immediately. The casual- urban atmosphere provides a great backdrop while you enjoy your eggs benedict.

served breakfast with pancakes and pastries at Mary-Rose Bakery in Knokke

Dumortierlaan 131, Knokke-Heist

+32 (0)50 66 62 64

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