Belgian fries done right in Belgium for Foodies

1) Frituur Botermarkt

You can’t very well visit Belgium without indulging in some frites – as they are the guilty pleasure of many Belgians – and Frituur Botermarkt always delivers. Do mind: the queue at Frituur Botermarkt can be long, but don’t worry, its length just illustrates how much people love this place. Apart from the very fresh chips, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the homemade Belgian stew and vol-au-vent also make this place well worth the wait.

a man swinging a basket of fries at Frituur Botermarkt

Hundelgemsesteenweg 10, Ledeberg

+32 (0)9 330 01 70

2) Maison Antoine

Maison Antoine has been in business for ages, starting as a small hut and evolving to its current form, a big shop. The speciality of this frituur or chip shop is Belgian frites – double-fried in beef fat by the way – with various sauces ranging from mayonnaise, samurai, andalouse, tartare sauce, and pickles to speciaalsaus (mayonnaise and ketchup topped with chopped onion). Since it doesn’t offer tables nor chairs, you’re allowed to bring your meal in at all of the nearby cafes, which offer drinks and accommodation. After visiting the EU Commission and Parliament, this is a great place to refuel. Even Angela Merkel queued here for her paper cone of fresh chips, so why wouldn’t you?

exterior of frituur Maison Antoine in Brussels

Place Jourdan 1, Etterbeek

+32 (0)2 230 54 56

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3) Baraque de Fraiture Le Snack

At 652 metres, Baraque de Fraiture is the second highest point in Belgium; it even has a ski area with three slopes. The eponymous chalet built in natural stone and wood (materials that are found locally) is a perfect roadside restaurant for travellers or families looking for a snack or quick lunch. The house specialities include the boulettes with chips, and most of the other brasserie-style plates are available to take away as well.

Baraque de Fraiture Le Snack

Carrefour de la Baraque de Fraiture, Vielsalm

+32 (0)80 41 84 37

4) Frituur Number One

This friterie is open 24/7, therefore you cannot miss it when visiting Antwerp or planning a pub crawl in the neighbourhood of the Antwerp Cathedral. Authentic and delicious Belgian frites can be enjoyed here with typical meat snacks like curryworst, cervela or saté. The ever-popular Maria Vanlommel has been taking care of the hospitality at Frituur Number One since 1980, and her warm smile has never gone out of style.

exterior of famous Frituur Number one in the Hoogstraat in Antwerp

Gino van Weenen

Hoogstraat 1, Antwerp

+32 (0)3 232 63 77

5) Friture René

Don’t let the term ‘friture’ fool you: back in the day this used to be a chip shop, but today Friture René is a fully operational restaurant, decorated with old woodwork and checked tablecloths. Brusseleirs and chip addicts alike are hooked on the newspaper menu, packed with traditional Belgian dishes like cheese croquettes, steak with pepper sauce and moules parquées (raw mussels), to mention just a few. If you like anise flavours in particular, we recommend you to try the chef’s choice mussels, cooked with crème de pastis. Oh, and did we mention that the owner is a huge fan of champagne?

people enjoying fries at Frituur René in Anderlecht

Place de la Résistance 14, Anderlecht

+32 (0)2 523 28 76

6) De Frietboetiek

De Frietboetiek in Meeuwen, open since 2004, has been awarded the title of best chip shop in the country several times, mostly because of the use of quality produce, the passionate service and the sustainable approach of owners Peggy and Ronny Voortmans-Tielens. Their dining space offers 60 seats. Aside from chips and sandwiches, complete meals such as Black Angus beef burgers, delicious spare ribs or seasonal suggestions entice hungry customers as well.

counter with snacks at Frituur de Frietboetiek

7) Frites Atelier

Frites Atelier is a beautifully designed concept restaurant, thought up by one of the world’s best chefs, Sergio Herman. After opening a bunch of restaurants in both the Netherlands and Belgium, he started this Brussels venue offering an extensive brasserie menu, with plats du jour and a broad selection of draught Belgian beers. The chips pack the biggest flavour punch, combined with a great texture and at a reasonable price. The homemade andalouse sauce is finger-licking good and meaty specials such as the crispy slow-cooked beef croquette or the beef stew are a real treat.

a box of fries with sauce and toppings from Frites Ateliers

Rue Sainte-Catherine 32, Brussels

+32 (0)2 449 81 82

8) Frituur Bosrand

When you can count three Michelin-starred chefs among your frequent visitors, you can safely say that you own a decent frituur. Apart from being a hotspot for Belgian frites, Frituur Bosrand also serves stuffed boiled eggs, house burgers and spaghetti Bolognese. Whatever you are in the mood for, you won’t be disappointed here. Just come on time... Because you and your craving are never alone here.

a plate of delicious fries and chicken wings from Frituur Bosrand

Koning Albert I-laan 108, Sint-Michiels (Bruges)

+32 (0)494 52 75 52

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