Drinks for night owls in Belgium for Foodies

1) Baron

Many locals make a beeline for Antwerp’s Zuid neighbourhood during the summer weekends, since this is where the hot restaurants and new bars are popping up. As one of the most popular and affordable bars in the area, Baron will draw you in with its warm atmosphere and funk and soul soundtrack, plus a scenic terrace that’s open all year round. There are plenty of seats, making sure you and your friends can find a spot day and night.

terrace of Cafe Baron in Antwerp

2) Au Daringman

A visit to Brussels’ Sainte-Catherine quarter isn’t complete without an evening spent at Au Daringman, an authentic Brussels tiny corner pub. The strong point of this place is that it doesn’t care about passing trends, which is why it attracts a very bohemian crowd. This quirkily designed pub – with cubist textured-wood panelling — is now run by the lovely Martine. Fun fact: its name comes from the original owner, who was a member of a Molenbeek-based football club whose players were referred to as the ‘Daringmen’.

people on the terrace of Au Daringman during the evening

Rue de Flandre 37, Brussels

+32 (0)2 512 43 23

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3) Ventura

During summer, it’s better to arrive early and soak up the afterwork atmosphere if you want to save a spot on the venTura terrace. Owners and brothers Lino and Ward serve craft beers, cocktails and natural wines here. The only food on the menu is a small selection of bar snacks including meatballs, manchego cheese, olives, tapenades and dry sausages. The local deejays who make sure that venTura is the place to be for entertainment after sundown, are the icing on the cake.

people on the terrace of Ventura in Ghent

4) Le Pot au Lait

Le Pot au Lait is one of the few remaining rock ‘n’ roll bars in Liège. To say the decor is eccentric is an understatement. Bizarre as well as psychedelic – since the bar was decorated by art students – might be a more accurate description. Here you will find live music, a solid selection of Belgium’s finest beers, with perhaps half a dozen on tap. Even though the crowd might vary depending on the time of your visit, the overall vibe is very chill.

psychedelic-themed interior of Le Pot Au Lait cafe in Liège

Rue Soeurs-de-Hasque 9, Liège

+32 (0)4 222 07 94


5) Charlatan

Vlasmarkt, one of Ghent’s liveliest nightlife spots, is home to some of the best music cafes the city has to offer. Charlatan is a bar complete with a concert hall and a courtyard terrace, welcoming you when you are not ready to go to bed. Here you can discover different music genres, from dance and funk to electro, rock and techno. If you’re finding it a little hectic inside, hop over to Charlatan’s sister venues Bar Jos and Gloria, located just a few doors down.

people enjoying drinks on the terrace of Charlatan Gent

6) Roskam

Another jewel in the crown of Brussels’ unpretentious music scene is Roskam. Located in the centre of town, it offers excellent free jazz concerts on Sunday evenings and deejay sets at the weekends. The late closing time (2 am), the friendly bartenders, the low prices and the surprising selection of wines explain why this place is generally packed with night owls, artists and students alike.

interior of bar Roskam in Brussels

Rue de Flandre 9, Brussels

+32 (0)2 503 51 54


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