5 interesting places for vintage in Vienna

1) Humana

Humana is a nonprofit organisation that runs twelve secondhand shops in Vienna which sell very affordable items. Our favourite is the one in Taborstrasse. Not the biggest one perhaps but the one with the politest service. What’s more, you support NGO projects in Africa when you shop at Humana.

Humana Vienna

2) Boccalupo

Boccalupo is Italian for good luck. If you are searching for luxury secondhand bags, accessories, shoes and fashion, you’ll find all this and plenty more here. They only sell items with the right logo of course, like Chanel, Valentino, Prada. Boccalupo applies a strict no-fake-policy and collaborates with the labels to ensure no fakes are sold.

high-end second hand fashion at BoccaLupo Vienna

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3) Bootik 54

Bootik 54 has become so successful that they now have two little shops side by side. It is situated in fashionable Neubaugasse. Not exactly cheap and plenty of fancy options. For men and women, although who cares about this distinction in the era of unisex. As you can tell from their name, they also sell boots and shoes.

Bootiek 54 Vienna

Neubaugasse 54


4) Uppers and Downers

‘You are a fucking lady.’ I think this shop’s motto says it all. Don’t care what others think of you, stand by your own choices. You can combine all the clothes and accessories whichever way you want. And no, they don’t sell pills here.

women's clothing at Uppers & Downers Vienna

5) Das Neue Schwarz

Das Neue Schwarz has been called Berlin’s best vintage store. Now they have a branch in Vienna. Das Neue Schwarz means the new black – whichever is the new black this season. Depends on your cup of tea. Their community is impressive. Lots of influencers.

a sliver jacket and accessories displayed at Das Neues Schwarz Vienna

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