5 of the sweetest candy shops in Vienna

1) Zuckerlwerkstatt

Handmade moments of happiness. At Zuckerlwerkstatt, they relied on old recipes for the formulation of their 90 different flavours. If you are planning a special event or are looking for a fun give-away for your company, then have them print your logo on their candy.

candies in display at Zuckerlwerkstatt

2) Snack Shop

Snacks, sweets and soft drinks… It’s all about quantity here. If you are in search of sweets that you can’t usually find in Austria, then look no further. Fluffy marshmallow strawberries or double dipped nerd’s lemonade with wild cherry apple watermelon. Trick-or-treat all year long.

Snack Shop Vienna

Liechtensteinstrasse 25

+43 (0)1 317 25 79


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3) Bobby’s Foodstore

Expats love this food shop. Here you can buy British and American food and sweets. If you feel a little homesick as a visitor, then pop in here and bag yourself some biscuits, pudding, candy and crisps. Bobby’s has the most excellent stock. He was the first and is still the best.

boxes of poptarts

Schleifmühlgasse 8

+43 (0)1 586 75 34


4) NobNobs

Handmade candy always tastes good but did you know it tastes even better when you make it yourself? In Neubaugasse, you can enjoy quite a show. Four times a day you can see the team at work, producing new candy. Have you run out of ideas for a birthday party? Then book a workshop for your child and his or her friends. Just as much fun without children.

Nobnobs Vienna

5) Zuckerltante

Old but fun. The owner Monika Erhart is so old-fashioned that she doesn’t believe in the need of such thing as a website. There are so many regulars who love Zuckerltante that she just keeps on selling her old-fashioned candy. It’s like travelling back in time to your childhood.

Klosterneuburger Strasse 30

+43 (0)1 330 31 21

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