The 5 best places for foodies in Vienna

1) Habibi & Hawara

Habibi means friend in Arabic – and Hawara means exactly the same in Viennese dialect. In this case the name reveals more about the restaurant’s intentions. Here Orient meets Vienna and refugees cook for the locals. It looks like 1001 Nights and has a certain Schmäh – a certain kind of humour – to it. The owner Katha Schinkinger guarantees that the service is excellent.

bar tenders and the interior of Habibi & Hawara restaurant

Wipplingerstrasse 29

+43 (0)1 535 06 75

2) Ramasuri

Ramasuri means chaos, but the kind of chaos that’s fun. As if a nice surprise or something you didn’t expect falls into your lap. This colourful restaurant is a bit like this. Young people serve various seasonal dishes (five different breakfasts till late, try the Avocadolala). Even more beautiful when you sit outside in the tiny square.

statue in front of Ramasuri's terrace in Vienna

3) Prosi Indian Restaurant

You can’t visit Vienna without stopping at Prosi. It was and is still the premium place to buy food from all over the world: beans from Mexico, plantain from Africa, spices from India. The shop was so successful that they opened another one for beauty products. Now they also have a restaurant. Enjoy a taste of the world.

food of Prosi Indian Restaurant Vienna

4) Babette’s Spice and Books for Cooks

Babette’s is a stroke of luck. If you love cookbooks, spices and good food, then this place is your personal heaven. They have a good selection of books, plenty of fresh spices, but only three tables. So you need to get very lucky to nab one. If not, buy some books and come again.

Babette's Spices and Books for Cooks Vienna

5) Zum Finsteren Stern

The owner Ella De Silva is a mysterious woman. She always succeeds in creating something special. The name of her restaurant refers to her first business in Vienna, a winery in Sterngasse where she used to cook on a single electric hot plate. Now she has a kitchen – and a beautiful courtyard to sit in in summer.

restaurant Zum Finsteren Stern

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