5 cocktail bars you should really try in Vienna

1) First Floor

The most astonishing feature of the beautiful interior of this bar is the huge aquarium that dominates the room. It lines the wall behind the bar like a living picture. It also makes the atmosphere here quite special, in combination with the warm brown wood panelling. Mind your step when you walk down again.

First Floor Bar Vienna

2) Loosbar

Loosbar or Loos American Bar was actually designed by the famous architect Adolf Loos in 1908 – and it still is a gem. The room only measures 4,40 × 6,00 × 4,10 metres, but it’s always crowded. Its interior is a modern classic. Going to the loo downstairs is even more dangerous than on the first floor. Mind the steep chairs!

Loosbar Vienna

Kärntner Durchgang 10

+43 (0)1 512 32 83


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3) Intermezzo Bar

The USP of Intermezzo Bar is the enormous chandelier that hangs over the bar. It’s simply unique. The Interconti Vienna was built in the sixties, which also explains its design style. The hotel is thinking of revamping so see the bar while it is still there.

large crystal chandelier at the Intermezzo Bar in Vienna

at: Intercontinental Hotel, Johannesgasse 28

+43 (0)1 711 22 0


4) Silver Bar

The Silver Bar is located in hotel Triest: a nice, urban design hotel. You don’t have to stay here to enjoy their excellent, well-stocked bar. Bar manager Keita from Senegal guarantees only the very highest quality. Celebrities also like to hang out here. Cash only.

bottles of strong liquor at Silver Bar in Vienna

at: Hotel Das Triest, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 12

+43 (0)1 589 181 33


5) Roberto American Bar

Even the homepage of this place is slick. A black sign with a statement reading ‘Come and see for yourself’. Word of mouth does the trick. And it works. Everybody in town is talking about Roberto’s Bar and everybody is happy that there is another place for connoisseurs.

Roberto American Bar Vienna

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