5 of the best bike tours in Vienna

1) Friedhof der Namenlosen

Start at Praterstern in Leopoldstadt and bike through the green Prater till you reach the Donau and Vienna’s harbour. You’ll not run into traffic on this tour as cars are forbidden in Prater. Enjoy the beautiful Auwald. When you reach Albener Hafen, you are near Friedhof der Namenlosen (see films).

Friedhof der Namenlosen

Starting at Praterstern, Leopoldstadt


2) Höhenstrasse

This trail is not as easy as the first one. As its name indicates, Höhenstrasse leads to the higher parts of Vienna. It will take you through beautiful Wiener Wald but the cobblestones on your way up make this a difficult journey. Enjoy the beautiful view when you have reached your destination.

Höhenstrasse Vienna


3) Bisamberg

You need to be fit to ride up Bisamberg. Take a break in one of the beautiful Heuriger in Stammersdorfer Kellergasse. Or – even better – take a break on your way down so you can have a glass (or two) of wine.

view Bisamberg Vienna


4) Seestadt Aspern

Seestadt Aspern is a new district in the city. A must-see if you are interested in modern architecture and city planning. Take U2 to get here (a 20-minute journey). You can take your bike on the metro. Then enjoy a relaxed ride in the Seestadt.

Seestadt Aspern buildings


5) Donauinsel

The Donauinsel was built when the Donau was straightened in the seventies. Nowadays there are beautiful beaches, trees and infrastructure here. The artificial island is more than 20 kilometres long and has several bike trails. Check the direction of the often-strong winds before you set off.

Donauinsel Vienna


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