5 places for Off-Theatre Culture

1) Schauspielhaus Wien

In 1978, the famous director Hans Gratzer transformed this former cinema into a theatre. In the eighties, George Tabori first performed his experimental work Der Kreis here. Today the Schauspielhaus Wien still focusses on experimental theatre.

Schauspielhaus Vienna

2) Tag Wien

A newcomer on the Viennese theatre scene is Tag, which was founded in 2013-2014 by Gernot Plass, who works with an ensemble from all German-speaking countries. They also schedule impro-theatre, workshops and concerts here, so language should not be a problem.

Das Tag Vienna

Gumpendorfer Strasse 67

+43 (0)1 586 52 22


3) Werk X

A visit to Werk X is always interesting, also from an architectural point of view, as it is located in a former cable-manufacturing plant. The whole area is a good example of successful city planning. Here you see the most exciting and innovative work, always very political. Founded in 2014.

Werk X Vienna

4) KosmosTheater

KosmosTheater focusses on gender. Founder Barbara Klein and her team have performed interdisciplinary, political theatre for over 18 years. It is also a meeting place for networking on all kinds of gender-specific questions. Relaunched in autumn 2018, with two new directors, Veronika Steinböck and Gina Salis-Soglio.


5) Rabenhof Theater

Rabenhof Theater hosts music performances and readings, cabaret and shows – so not your classical stuff. The theatre is located in twenties building and once was a working-class cinema. In 1990, it became a theatre, always bearing in mind its history as a Volkstheater, a community theatre.

Rabenhoftheater Vienna


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