5 swimming pools worth seeing in Vienna

1) Amalienbad

Amalienbad was one of the most modern and beautiful indoor pools in Europe when it was built in the twenties. At the time, this area was a poor working-class district. The pool was a gift from the city’s government to the people and was appreciated by rich people too.

swimming pool at the Amalienbad Vienna

2) Gänsehäufel

Gänsehäufel is an island right in the middle of the city. The body of water surrounding it was originally part of the Donau, but was cut off from the main river since it was straightened. The baths were rebuilt in 1948 by the architects Max Fellerer and Eugen Wörle. Part of it is still a nudist area.

sign floating at Gänsehäufel and people in the background

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3) Bundesbad Alte Donau

This swimming pool is ideal for families, because it has a children’s area. It’s easy to get here, especially with public transport. Just take the U1 to Alte Donau. Enjoy the interesting architecture, which dates from 1919.

Bundesbad Alte Donau

4) Stadthallenbad Wien

This indoor pool (by the famous architect Roland Rainer) is still a huge, modern pool, after its complex renovation, and especially interesting for professional swimmers. Swimming associations train there and schoolchildren learn to swim here. They also organise swimming and high diving competitions here.

Stadhallenbad Wien

5) Schönbrunnerbad

This cute little pool is located in the park of the famous Schönbrunn palace. It was used as a training area for British soldiers in the past. Nowadays it is mainly popular with families. The pool is surrounded by beautiful old trees. See the contrast between old and new.

Schönbrunnerbad Vienna

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