Meet the author Anna-Carin Nordin in Madrid

Anna-Carin Nordin Madrid
Anna-Carin Nordin

Anna-Carin Nordin is a true world-citizen: she's Swedish, but she was born and raised in Lausanne (Switzerland) and later moved to Barcelona. She has been living in Madrid since 2010, together with her husband, a real Madrileño. They also spend time in their second home in Miami, Florida. Anna-Carin made a career in the hospitality industry; she is the founder of The Hotel Anthropologist and she teaches Entrepreneurship in the Master in Hospitality & Tourism program at EADA (Barcelona). She is also the co-founder of Notable Notebooks, which was born out of her love for aesthetics and design. She's the author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Madrid


What Anna-Carin loves most about Madrid

"The way the city combines tradition, elegance and innovation. And of course the Madrileños: the people of Madrid are welcoming and always up for a good time with friends and family. They are the reason why Madrid is such a vibrant city."

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Shopping in Madrid - Concept store Amen

Anna-Carin's perfect day in the city might look like this

"My perfect day in Madrid would for sure be a Saturday. It would start with a nice brunch with Jordi, my husband, at the Ganz Café. Then we would go for a stroll in the Barrio de Las Letras neighbourhood: there are lots of independent shops, galleries and furniture there, where we always find inspiration for our home.

If you're a shopping addict like I am, you'll love to walk around in Madrid, there are shopping opportunities everywhere! Some of my favourite streets are Claudio Coello and the adjacent Callejón de Puigcerdá.

In the afternoon we would head to the Mapfre Foundation to discover the latest photography exhibit. Our day would end with a nice and lively dinner with friends at Habanera."