5 late-night eateries in Los Angeles

1) Astro Family Restaurant

All-night diners are a bit of an endangered species, so it’s thrilling to find a classic one still in the wild. Designed by famed Googie architects Armet & Davis and built in the 1960s, this space-age structure still soars. The interior reveals a similarly sunny tone, with an orange tiled wall that matches the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Exterior of Astro Family Restaurant in Los Angeles

2) The Original Pantry Café

There are no locks on the front door of the Pantry, which has never been closed since opening in 1924 (although it’s only been at this location since 1950). Owned by former LA mayor Richard Riordan, this is the spot for late-night diner food with massive portions of pancakes, ham, and eggs to soak up the evening’s regrets.

all night eatery The Original Pantry Café

877 S Figueroa Street, Downtown

+1 213 972 9279


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3) Canter's Deli

This traditional Jewish deli, owned by the fourth generation of the Canter family, is one of California’s oldest delis. It’s beloved by locals and celebrities, who slip in for late-night noshes. Back in the day, The Doors and Frank Zappa frequented the Kibitz Room, the adjacent cocktail lounge; today it hosts local bands.

exterior and neon signs at Canter's Deli

419 N Fairfax Avenue, Fairfax

+1 323 651 2030


4) Hodori

A late-night institution in Koreatown and revelers fill this busy home-style Korean restaurant well into the wee hours of the morning. It’s not the best food in Koreatown (if you were looking for the best, you wouldn’t be out at 3 am), but it’s solid and soaks up a substantial amount of alcohol.

Hodori Korean restaurant

1001 S Vermont Avenue #101, Koreatown

+1 213 383 3554


5) Toi on Sunset

The décor is basically dorm room if you went to college in the late 80s/early 90s and liked punk rock. It’s messy, loud, and wonderful here – and the Thai food, a mix of traditional and Americanized, is good too. Only open until 4 am, it was at one time director Quentin Tarantino’s favorite place to write.

Toi on Sunset eatery

7505 ½ W Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

+1 323 874 8062


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