5 artworks to see at Tate Britain

1) Landscape at Iden

War artist Paul Nash (1889-1946) played a key role in the development of modernism in Britain, and is one of the most important painters of the 20th century. This symbolic landscape painting has an uncanny feel with its dramatic perspectives and seemingly unrelated objects, showing the influence of surrealism.

Landscape at Iden painting

2) 1935 (White Relief)

Ben Nicholson (1894-1982) was influenced by the emerging avant-garde movement and by the British sculptors Hepworth and Moore, to become an abstract painter with a distinctive style of his own. This monochrome relief sculpture of white paint on wood contains the clean and sharply defined lines of right angles and circles.

White Relief artwork

3) Late Morning

One of the foremost exponents of Op-art, Bridget Riley’s (°1931) early works were predominantly only black and white. Late Morning is one of her first experiments with using colour. The vertical stripes in this large painting act as a neural structure in which the rhythms of carefully chosen colour variations bring the painting alive.

Late Morning artwork

4) Red Slate Circle

Richard Long (°1945) is one of the best known practitioners of Land Art. His works are created by walking in the natural environment and explore the relationship between man and nature. Some pieces are temporary and created in situ, others created with photography and text after the event. This sculpture, formed of a circle of jagged textured rocks, is an example of his gallery work that incorporates found objects.

Red Slate Circle artwork

5) The History of the World

Jeremy Deller (°1966) is a conceptual artist whose works often involve collaborations. This diagram explores the social, political and musical connections between house music and brass bands in Britain, and provided the conceptual backbone for his Acid Brass project. This involved a traditional brass band playing acid house classics.

The History of the World artwork


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