5 places to enjoy seafood by the Bosphorus in Istanbul

1) Jash Balik Kinaliada

Jash is already a well-known Armenian- Turkish tavern in Cihangir, but its second branch on the Princes Island of Kınalıada is just marvellous. Right by the water close to the ferry port, this restaurant is like a small vacation from the city with a whole array of delicious meze, fresh fish and rakı.

restaurant interior of Jash Balik Kinaliada

Kınalıada Mh. Alsancak Cd. 27

+90 216 381 44 32


2) Kandilli Suna'nin Yeri

The simple wooden tables and chairs of Suna’nın Yeri (Suna’s Place) in Kandilli are mere steps away from the Bosphorus. Watch the sunset reflect in the water as you enjoy simple (but delicious) meze and grilled fish. A great place for a romantic date, make sure to try the kalamar tava (fried calamari).

people drinking by the water at Kandilli Suna'nin Yeri

Kandilli Mh. Kandilli İskele Cd. 4-17

+90 216 332 32 41

3) Bebek Balikçi

This elegant seafood restaurant is right on the Bosphorus and caters to the neighbourhood’s well-heeled locals who dine on classic meze dishes and grilled fish while their rakı glasses are refilled. In the summer, the windows are pushed back to let in the sea breeze and endless views.

Bebek Balikçi restaurant

Bebek Mh. Cevdet Paşa Cd. 26-A

+90 212 263 34 47


4) İsmet Baba

Open since 1950 and named in memory of İsmet Dökmecier (whose grandsons now run the business), İsmet Baba is an extension of Kuzguncuk, one of the few Istanbul neighbourhoods that remains true to its historic roots. Look out over the Bosphorus and order meze, fresh fish and plenty of rakı.

interior of seafood restaurant  Ismet Baba

Kuzguncuk Mh. Kuzguncuk Çarşı Cd. 1-A

+90 216 553 12 32


5) Rumelihisari İskele Restaurant

Another classic seafood restaurant right on the Bosphorus, İskele Restaurant is located in what used to be the Rumelihisarı ferry dock. With an unobstructed view of the famous strait (thanks to windows all around the elegant dining room), delicious meze and seafood are especially enjoyable during sunsets.

exterior of Rumelihisari İskele Restaurant

Rumeli Hisarı Mh. Yahya Kemal Cd. 1

+90 212 263 29 97


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