5 very trendy cocktail bars in Istanbul

1) Efendi

A cocktail haunt far away from Istanbul’s usual nightlife areas, Efendi is a chill neighbourhood bar where you’ll find locals sipping on drinks after work or on the weekends. With its creative signature cocktails, cool interior and jazzy soundtrack, Efendi is a place for good drinks and getting to know your neighbours.

interior of Efendi bar

Tesvikiye Mh. Haci Emin Efendi Sk. 28-A

2) Salon Cuma

When a secret bar opens up in Çukurcuma (known for its many antique shops) then it’s bound to be inspired by the past. Think of Salon Cuma as a speakeasy inspired cocktail bar with dimly lit antique chandeliers, shiny mahogany surfaces, Chesterfield-style vintage leather sofas and classic cocktails served true to imbibing authenticity.

Salon Cuma cocktail bar

Firuzağa Mh. Çukurcuma Cd. 53-A

+90 212 293 20 62


3) Halet-i Ruhiye

After the sad demise of Taksim as Istanbul’s nightlife atrium, Arnavutköy took its place with a rowdy row of cocktail bars. Halet-i Ruhiye stands out with its excellent cocktails and the architectural juxtaposition between its historic vaulted ceiling and the modern bar area below.

chandelier and old ceiling winebar Halet-I

Arnavutköy Mh. Bebek Arnavutköy Cd. 83

4) Luzia

You won’t have a hard time recognising this venue due to the lion statue that seems to guard the entrance. A direct descendant of Luzia Bar in Berlin’s hipster neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, this very cool cafe and cocktail bar does have its very own vibe including Istanbul-only signature cocktails served after 6 pm.

terrace of Bar Luzia

Arnavutköy Mh. Bebek Arnavutköy Cd. 64

+90 530 076 28 62


5) Noh Radio

An online radio and music platform that calls itself a laboratory of alternative sound, you can only imagine what Noh Radio’s own cocktail bar is like. Delicious cocktails all night long accompanied by original sounds spun by the talented fingers of local and international DJs.

inside Noh Radio

Kuloğlu Mh. Hayriye Cd. 18-D

+90 532 594 11 88


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