5 places to enjoy a glass of vermut in Madrid

1) Bodega de la Ardosa

One of the original 36 bodegas that were founded since 1892, la Ardosa in Colón, where the vermouth is on tap, is one of the few that are still in operation and the most famous one with its red facade. The tradition of the (wine)red colour of the taverns goes back to the middle of the 19th century, when they were painted this colour so that most of the (illiterate) population would be able to identify the taverns.

front side la ardosa

2) Bodegas Ricla

Founded in 1863, this small bar hardly has any place to sit. It does, however, have two beautiful bars decorated with tiles and the walls are lined with beautiful jars and bottles of wine. Here you should have an Yzaguirre Vermouth. The cecina (thin slices of cured venison) is also worth a try.

Madrid - Bodegas Ricla

Cuchilleros 6

+34 913 652 069

3) Alipio Ramos

Alipio Ramos was founded in 1916, and has ever since sold wine and liquor in bulk. Decorated with old objects that bear witness to its history, such as old barrels of schnapps, a cash register, bottles and a board with the classification of the 1st and 2nd division football teams. A place for a casual weekend vermouth.

a glass of Vermut

Ponzano 30

+34 914 414 961

4) Stop Madrid

Originally opened as a ham and deli store in 1929, this place has succeeded in retaining its original appearance. The Marmol bars are stunning. Order a Miró Vermouth with a few tapas (check the blackboard for what’s available).

two men ordering food at Stop bar Madrid

5) Angel Sierra

Located next to Chueca Square, this tavern, which was established in 1917, attracts a young crowd, especially around tapa time. A nice place for a glass of Reus Vermouth with pickled tuna and anchovies. In the second room, there is an interesting old wine cellar, with objects from the past and a nice collection of vintage vermouth bottles.

interior Angel Sierra

Gravina 11

+34 915 310 126

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