5 old trade streets in Lisbon

1) Rua dos Douradores

The Rua dos Douradores (Gilders’ Street) used to have several shops of artisans that worked with gold, gilding frames, books or furniture. It was a craft in high demand in Old Lisbon and the Portuguese had an international reputation for doing superb gilding work.

Rua dos Douradores


2) Rua dos Correeiros

This is another example of a trade street that got its name after the 1755 earthquake and the following renovation of the downtown area. The correeiros were the city’s saddlers, providing equipment for horseback riding and for the horse-drawn carriages, the main means of transport

Rua dos Correeiros


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3) Rua dos Fanqueiros

In the Rua dos Fanqueiros (Drapers’ Street) not that much has changed since old times: along this Baixa street you will find dozens of shops selling fabrics for fashion and for the home. It’s a very lively shopping street with shops for every budget.

Rua dos Fanqueiros


4) Rua da Prata

After the 1755 earthquake, the city’s silver jewellers were concentrated along this downtown street, one of the widest in the Baixa area. These days many of those shops are still in business, some dating back to the 18th century, when silver was brought to Portugal from the mines in Brazil, a former Portuguese colony.

Rua da Prata in Lisbon


5) Rua do Ouro/Rua Áurea

Rua do Ouro (Goldsmiths’ Street) was one of the trade streets that already existed before the 1755 earthquake destroyed a large part of the city. After the renovation of the city, the shops were attributed to goldsmiths and watchmakers, and later several buildings turned into bank headquarters.

Rua do Ouro/Rua Áurea in Lisbon


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