5 places to discover Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon

1) Casa Fernando Pessoa

This municipal cultural centre occupies the house where the famous poet and writer spent the last few years of his life. The collection includes some of the author’s personal objects, all of his literary works and secondary literature. There are regular events including seminars and poetry readings.

Lisbon - Casa Fernando Pessoa

2) Largo de São Carlos

Pessoa was born on the fourth floor of the building right across from the São Carlos National Theatre, where his father, who was a music critic, often worked. In 2008, on the celebration of the poet’s 120th birthday, the municipality unveiled yet another bronze statue in his honour at this location.

Lisbon - Pessoa Largo de Sao Carlos

Largo de São Carlos

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3) Largo do Carmo

After having spent ten years of his life in the South African city of Durban, Pessoa returned to Lisbon where he rented a room immediately across from the ruins of the Carmo Convent. The apartment is now a Fernando Pessoa-themed guest house.

Lisbon - Largo do Carmo

Largo do Carmo

4) Estátua do Chiado

Fernando Pessoa was known to spend many of his days sitting on the terrace of Cafe A Brasileira in Chiado. To evoke that memory, a statue has been put up on the exact spot where he used to sit. The real-size figure is sitting, legs crossed, next to a table. A vacant chair next to him invites tourists to sit and take photos.

statue of a reading man or the Estatua do Chiado

Largo do Chiado

5) Martinho da Arcada

This iconic cafe in Terreiro do Paço is the oldest in Lisbon and another one of Pessoa’s favourite places. He frequently enjoyed his meals here, up to his very last days, and he always sat at the same table, where he would write down his thoughts in poems and books.

Lisbon - Martino da Arcada

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