The 5 best places to eat vegetarian food in Amsterdam

1) Meatless District

Meatless District is a 100% vegan restaurant with a menu that changes with the seasons. It serves lunch, snacks, diner, and breakfast on the weekend. Think tasty pastas, salads and burgers, among others. They also have a good beer selection.

restaurant interior of Meatless District Amsterdam

2) Betty’s

Betty’s has been one of the go-to vegetarian restaurants for several years. The owners Guido and Lien cook without fish, meat or eggs and vegan or gluten free on request. They offer a three-course surprise menu. For dessert, you can choose from one of the terrific cakes baked by Lien. They also have a store where they sell their favourite products, like chili powder from Mexico’s rainforest or French grape seed oil.

Amsterdam - Betty's

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3) Foer

Foer is short for foraging, meaning the menu is based on what the chefs could gather: seasonal and fresh ingredients. There’s a choice between a 5-course or 7-course menu, vegetarian (flora) or non-veg (fauna) and a accompanying wine or juice menu.

Interior of Foer restaurant

4) The Old Soul

Surinamese food can be quite meat-heavy; but not at The Old Soul. The menu offers a broad selection of Surinamese cuisine that is 100% vegan. There’s peanut soup with foufou (crushed banana and cassava), moksi alesi (a traditional leftover rice dish) and pom, a classic Suriname oven dish. Or try the Caribbean dumplings with tahini sauce or the cabbage rendang.

A table full of vegetarian Surinamese food at The Old Soul

5) Yerba

Yerba calls itself a ‘plant-forward restaurant space’, offering 4, 5 or 6-course menus that are entirely plant based but can be supplemented to match omnivore’s tastes. The dishes are creative and intricately balanced.

Interior of Yerba restaurant

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