5 workshops for creations with glass and Venetian pearls in Venice

1) Davide Penso

What better place to find glass objects than Murano, where this art form was born? Davide Penso is one of the most illustrious representatives of this craft, having exhibited his work in some of the most important Venetian and international museums. He has collaborated with many leading brands and lectures at various prestigious institutions.

Venice - Davide Penso

Fondamenta Riva Longa 48

+39 041 739 819


2) Goto Murano Project

There is more to the ‘goto de fornasa’ or fornasa glass than meets the eye. Originally these handmade glasses were the first test to which apprentices were subjected, requiring them to create a personalised glass. GOTO is an entrepreneurial project that focusses on uniqueness and wisdom, values that you will encounter in all the items they sell.

A customer holding a bag from Goto Murano Project in the shop

Merceria Orologio 257

+39 041 528 6946

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3) Marina e Susanna Sent

The Sent sisters transform glass into anything and every shape imaginable, whether ethereal or material. They sell jewellery in the form of soap bubbles, corals and even tribal artefacts, made from this glittering material.

exterior view of Marina e Susanna Sent store on a corner

4) Genninger Studio

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces aren’t the only things you’ll spot in the studio of designer Leslie Ann Genninger, who now calls Venice home. She also sells chandeliers, glasses and other gadgets, which she produces with master glassmakers who use a technique that goes back a thousand years.

Venetian Glass at Genninger Studio

5) Venetian Dreams

Marisa Convento is the most famous Venetian impiraressa, the word for a woman who makes glass jewellery beads. Everyone in Venice knows her, because she also actively contributes to initiatives to promote hidden gems and little-known artisanal treasures. Her creations are simply magnificent.

red beads from Venetian Dreams

Calle de la Mandola 3805/A

+39 041 523 0292


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